IoT Journey
of a Vacuum Cleaner

This showcase presents our approach to an IoT transformation of a consumer electronics product. While providing the technology stack with our products and services, we also are deeply involved in the business value creation process.

Product Condition

Concerns of the customers regarding the performance of the device are addressed.

Enhancing proposed

A new interface, smart phone, is selected to enhance current experience.

Product Lifecycle Management

In order to increase the chances of success of the manufactured product, an IoT product lifecycle management is designed.

Providing and supporting
the infrastructure

Developing and maintaining an IoT connectivity solution for this particulae case is complex.

Gathering system requirements for unique proposal

From business to technical requirements every system requirement is gathered and evaluated before kick-off.

Orchestration of a multi-stakeholder team

Every stage of the life-cycle should be carefully managed and processes should be coordinated between stakeholders.

Key Challenges


In order to provide the connectivity necessary to this use-case, Inovatink's low cost and ready-to-deploy module is integrated to the machine in just a single week. With the edge software machines are monitored and controlled.

End User

As a part of the IoT journey, fully customized end user mobile app is provided to meet the requirements

IoT journey starts now

Adding significant value to the product in the field of consumer electronics is quite difficult to initiate and maintain. By providing the tech stack, Inovatink paves the way towards value generation.

IoT is hard. Without proper planning it brings out more challenges that cannot be managed in time. We, as Inovatink, support at every stage of the journey and continue through the life-cycle of the product.

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